Organic waste gas adsorption catalytic combustion environmental protection equipment

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Organic waste gas adsorption catalytic combustion environmental protection equipment

Working principle of catalytic combustion equipment

The organic waste gas enters the oxidizing furnace through a blower, is heated by the oxidation of the fuel, and is heated to about 250 to 300 ° C. At this temperature, the organic components in the exhaust gas are oxidized and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under the action of the catalyst. At the same time, the high-temperature flue gas after the reaction enters the ceramic heat storage body with a special structure, and most of the heat is absorbed by the heat storage body. After the temperature drops to the temperature near the inlet, it is discharged through the chimney to purify the exhaust gas, and the heat absorbed by the heat storage body is used to preheat the subsequent exhaust gas to reduce the reaction temperature and reduce the consumables.

Technical characteristics

1. High adsorption and purification efficiency, stable treatment effect, and ensure that the exhaust gas meets the standard discharge.

2. It has manual and automatic desorption functions. The precious metal catalyst is selected to convert organic matter through catalytic combustion reaction, which has high catalytic efficiency and stable performance.

3. It adopts PLC control and supporting operation touch screen, which is easy to use and operate and simple to maintain and manage.

4. Equipped with multiple safety measures, the main reactor is equipped with an explosion venting device, multi-point temperature detection is provided, and it has fault alarm and emergency disposal capabilities.

Advantages of catalytic combustion equipment

   1. High efficiency: high exhaust gas purification rate, high heat recovery rate, safety: low temperature reaction, equipped with fire protection system, alarm device and other protection measures. 2. No secondary pollution: No secondary pollutants such as nitrogen oxides are generated, and all processes do not cause secondary pollution. 3. Automatic control and low energy consumption: simple operation, automatic alarm in case of failure, low energy consumption and long service life: high temperature stainless steel edging, corrosion resistance and durability, long catalyst life.

   4. Low operating cost. Generally, when the organic waste gas reaches a certain concentration (above 1000mg / m3), the heating chamber in the purification device does not need auxiliary heating, which saves costs. 5.High recovery rate

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Organic waste gas adsorption catalytic combustion environmental protection equipment

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