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Shanghai unit cleaning dispatches environmental sanitation hosting property outsourcing

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Detailed information Shanghai unit cleaning sent environmental sanitation hosting outsourcing

Shanghai Unit Cleaning Dispatching Environmental Sanitation Hosting Property Outsourcing

The company is committed to becoming a large and medium-sized property company, a large supplier of well-known property companies, and a cleaning company of the property company. We do a good job in the property contracting business and become an excellent service provider.

Wanzhong cleaning services large commercial buildings, apartments, residences, office buildings, hotels, units, shopping malls, parks, landscapes, companies, stations, schools and large public places. Undertake property cleaning, residential, automobile 4S shops, shopping malls, office buildings, corporate units daily cleaning.

Service items: manpower dispatch service, providing cleaning personnel to enterprise units, properties, hotels, banks, shopping malls, buildings, factories, dispatching services for cleaning of office buildings, factory cleaning outsourcing, shopping mall cleaning outsourcing, professional cleaners dispatching services, professional community cleaning Employee dispatch service, professional company cleaner dispatch service, professional food factory cleaner dispatch service, professional electronics factory cleaner dispatch service, professional factory cleaner dispatch service, professional office cleaner dispatch service, professional bank cleaner dispatch service, professional Railway station cleaners dispatch service, professional airport cleaners dispatch service, professional hospital cleaners dispatch service, professional school cleaners dispatch service.

Company Name: Shanghai Wanzhong Cleaning Service Co., Ltd.

  Contact: Manager Zeng

  Phone: 139-,-1699-,-7457 ; 021-64 , 9- , 71758

Service Content:

1. Property cleaning; daily cleaning of large properties, with a professionally assigned cleaning team;
2. Exterior wall cleaning and renovation: exterior wall cleaning professional aerial work, exterior wall cleaning and exterior wall repair stucco, exterior wall cleaning and aerial installation and removal, exterior wall cleaning and leak-proofing, and hanging wall hanging billboards .

Shanghai Unit Cleaning Dispatching Environmental Sanitation Hosting Property Outsourcing

contact details

Shanghai Wanzhong Cleaning Service Co., Ltd.

Zeng Zhenzhen

  • Phone: 021-54286117
  • Mobile: 13564601125
  • fax:
  • Postcode:
  • Address: 1125 Chunshen Road, Minhang, Shanghai
  • Email:
  • Website:

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