Good deodorization effect of UV deodorizing equipment in garbage station

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Details Deodorizing effect of deodorizing UV light deodorizing equipment in garbage station

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Shenzhen Tongbao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
I. System Introduction

The exhaust treatment system of the filter tower adopts negative pressure induced air as a whole, which is mainly composed of a gas collecting hood, a fan, a filter tower, and an exhaust system. The equipment in the system runs stably, the operation cost is low, the adsorption efficiency is high, the floor space is small, the maintenance is convenient, and the treatment effect is reliable. The process flow diagram is as follows:

The exhaust gas enters the filter tower through the suction hood under the action of the fan. The water tank is equipped with biological liquid / plant liquid / chemical liquid (matched according to the on-site waste gas situation), which is lifted from the bottom of the tower to the spray by a high-pressure anticorrosive pump. In the zone, under the action of the spray liquid and water curtain, the chemical liquid and the exhaust gas are fully contacted and reacted. The large particles and impurities in the exhaust gas are cleaned in the circulating water, and most of the dust is removed while adsorbing and decomposing the exhaust gas. The gas then passes through the *** layer of filler-hollow polyhedron. The hollow polyhedron itself has a specific polyhedron, large surface area, high porosity, increased water droplets and water mist, so that the gas and liquid are fully contacted twice and the exhaust gas is washed and decomposed again. Next, the gas is sprayed through the second layer, and the high-pressure spiral spray is used to turn the water into a high-pressure mist. The gas is washed and decomposed again, and finally passes through the drying zone. The air system is vented to the atmosphere. During the entire purification process, the gas flows from bottom to top, the spray liquid is from top to bottom, and the clever design of the spray and the filler can remove the dust and particulate matter in the exhaust gas. The spray liquid is added with the biological liquid produced by our company using a special processing technology. / Plant liquid / Chemical liquid, the exhaust gas molecules in the exhaust gas are decomposed, and the exhaust gas is purified.

Second, the main equipment

2.1 Gathering hood

Exhaust gas is collected through a gas collecting hood. The gas collecting hood is equipped with a 10-mesh stainless steel grille to prevent paper scraps and other materials from being sucked into the pipe. The gas collecting hood is divided into a bell mouth type and a shutter type. , Select the appropriate air suction method and air collection hood to collect exhaust gas.

2.2 filter tower

The filter tower adopts a vertical counter-current water vapor spray type, which contains two-stage spraying, two layers of fillers, and one layer of defogging. It is mainly composed of the filter tower body (PP material), medicine tank, reaction chamber, contact chamber, and spray chamber. , Drying chamber, adsorption chamber, exhaust chamber, liquid level gauge and automatic medicine replenishing device.

Tower body

Filter tower specifications and models are selected according to site conditions (see attached table). PP cylinders with a thickness of 10 mm and PP materials used by our company have strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, reliable electrical insulation properties, colorful molding, Non-toxic and odorless, tensile and tear resistance, low expansion and contraction, compression and abrasion resistance, anti-ultraviolet (aging) and other characteristics, durable, further guarantee the equipment life, and lay the foundation for stable and continuous work of the filter tower.


The carrier of the filler is composed of a hollow polyhedron of composite material. The hollow polyhedron is made of polypropylene plastic. There is a reinforcement ring along the entire circumference in the middle of the ball.形 Layout. The hollow polyhedral ball packing greatly increases the area and time of contact between the exhaust gas in the filter tower and the water mist and biological liquids / vegetable liquids / chemical liquids. The main characteristics are as follows:

① High air velocity and many blades

② Large specific surface area can increase vapor-liquid exchange time

③ Low resistance and large operating flexibility

(3) Atomizing nozzle

The inside of the tower uses spiral-shaped atomizing nozzles to fully atomize the mixed liquid into tiny droplets. The droplets adhere to the filler to form a large contact area and fully contact the exhaust gas molecules to absorb and decompose hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the exhaust gas. Organic waste gas and inorganic waste gas such as gas, so that the waste gas can be purified through adsorption and decomposition. The spray effect is shown on the right:

(4) Defogging device

After the previous water mist dedusting and exhaust gas treatment, the gas contains a large amount of water vapor. In order to protect the rear equipment, the gas needs to be hygroscopic and defogged. The device is a deflector with a certain inclination angle to intercept water mist. After the defogging process, the moisture content of the gas is reduced to below 15%, and it also plays a role in filtering and adsorbing dust. Under the action of the deflection defogging device, the overall flow velocity of the gas is reduced, and the exhaust gas purification rate is improved.

2.3 Centrifugal fan

(1) The fan is a centrifugal fan, and the main components such as the casing and impeller are treated with FRP anticorrosive treatment.

(2) In order to avoid stress and increase strength, the fan casing is made by one-piece molding method. To avoid leakage, the mounting screws of the housing and the inlet clock are pre-injected. The entrance bell is a horn-type tapered and gradually-expanding design, and forms a smooth connection with the impeller, forming a better streamlined shape, and is linearly superposed to avoid interference damage caused by acid-base crystal adhesion.

(3) The fan is equipped with special import and export flexible compensators and spring shock absorbers. The main material of the flexible compensator is fiber fabric, which can compensate axial, lateral, and angular directions, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, sound absorption and vibration transmission, and can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of the fan. Fan noise (including the motor) is lower than 80dB (A), the unit vibration meets the 4.5 level of ISO2372, and the vibration isolation efficiency is ≥80%.

(4) The dynamic balance accuracy of the fan impeller meets the G2.5 level of the ISO1940 standard, and it can run continuously for 24 hours.

(5) The motor adopts a two-level energy-saving and explosion-proof motor with an IP65 protection level, a power source of 3 phases, 4P, 380V, 50Hz, an insulation level of F, and a temperature rise level of B. Service life is greater than 10 years.

2.4 Control system

(1) All internal components of the system control center are isolated from the outside, and the control cabinet shell is made of carbon steel.

(2) The design, material selection and strength of the control cabinet meet the requirements of national standards and regulations, and the internal and external surfaces are smooth and tidy, with the characteristics of dustproof, anticorrosive, moisture-proof, mold-proof, insect-proof and rodent, etc. Temperature and vibration of support structure.

(3) The control cabinet has functions such as power distribution, control, protection, display alarm, and model transmission, and is designed with ventilation devices to ensure that the internal temperature during operation does not exceed the limit value of the allowable temperature of the device.

(4) 220V AC lighting and maintenance sockets are provided in the control cabinet. The equipment in the cabinet is equipped with signs and the protection level is IP51. The internal metal structural parts are firmly and reliably grounded. Independent computer DC ground, chassis safety ground, and cable shield ground contact terminals and structures are provided, which are electrically isolated from internal ungrounded circuit boards.

Application of filter tower

On the basis of ordinary filter towers, Shenzhen Tongbao Environmental Co., Ltd.'s high-efficiency filter tower pays more attention to the internal structure of the tower body, scientifically guides the exhaust gas, and sprays more evenly. The addition of highly activated biological fluids / vegetable fluids / chemical liquids enhances the exhaust gas molecules Absorption and decomposition greatly improve the absorption efficiency of the filter tower, remove the exhaust gas molecules and odors, increase the interception rate of solid substances (dust, particulate matter, ointment), and biological fluids / vegetable fluids / chemical liquids can reduce the viscosity of solid substances. Equipment cleaning is more convenient. Can be used in the odor treatment of waste transfer stations, odor treatment of sewage stations, waste gas treatment of incineration power plants, waste gas treatment of chemical plants, light industry, printing and dyeing, waste gas treatment of pharmaceuticals, waste gas treatment of pharmaceutical plants, steel, machinery, printing waste gas treatment, spray painting Exhaust gas treatment, electronics factory exhaust gas treatment, electroplating plant exhaust gas treatment and other fields. According to the different waste gas to be treated in different application places, different chemical solutions can be used to achieve the treatment effect.
After many years of exploration and research in the field of environmental deodorization products, Tongbao Environment Company has adopted environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving and high efficiency as the criteria, and has now solved the problem of odor disturbing people in most cities across the country. It is one of the most representative companies in the domestic odor control industry.
The company adheres to the principle of "customer first, honesty and human integrity", and can be customized according to actual site requirements. Each component of the system is in-depth research and development to meet the requirements of different environments to achieve emission standards. Gang ", your trust is our honor.

Good deodorization effect of UV deodorizing equipment in garbage station

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