Emergency treatment of common faults

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Emergency information for common faults

Emergency treatment of common faults
1. The tower crane foundation sinks and tilts
Emergency measures in this case: (1) The operation should be stopped immediately, and the turning mechanism should be locked to restrict its rotation. (2) Install ground anchors according to the situation to control the tilt of the tower crane. Tower Crane Standard Festival
2, tower crane balance arm, boom boom
Emergency measures in this case: (1) The tower crane cannot do any action. (2) According to the rescue plan, use methods such as welding to strengthen the tower crane structure, or connect the tower crane structure with other objects by connection methods to prevent the tower crane from tipping over and accidents during demolition. (3) With 2-3 sets of proper tonnage cranes, one locks the boom and one locks the balance arm. One of them acts as a balance moment when dismantling the arm, preventing tipping due to sudden changes in force. (4) Remove the deformed connectors in the boom or balance arm connectors in the order specified in the rescue plan, cut them with gas welding, and remove the boom with a crane; ⑤ Dismantle the tower crane in accordance with normal tower disassembly procedures In case of deformation, the structure is cut by steam welding.
3. Tower crane tipping
Emergency measures in this case: (1) Welding and connection methods are used to increase the balance torque without damaging the instability and stress to control the development of dangerous situations. (2) Use a suitable tonnage crane to remove the tower crane in accordance with the rescue plan, and deform or cut the deformed parts with gas welding.
4.Dangerous situation of anchoring system
Emergency measures in this case: (1) Correspond the tower balance arm to the building, and the swing arm process should be stable and locked. (2) Reinforce the tower crane anchoring system. (3) If it is necessary to replace the anchoring system components, first lower the tower crane to the prescribed height, and then replace the components.

Emergency treatment of common faults

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