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Hollow plate inflatable core mold A Licheng hollow plate inflatable core mold manufacturers supply

Hollow plate inflatable mandrel A

Bridge mandrel is a kind of expandable and contractable cylindrical bag, which is used to form the cavity of the concrete member. When manufacturing the hollow member, put the bridge mandrel in the middle and fill it with compressed air. When the concrete is solidified, release the bag In the compressed air in the bridge, the bridge core mold is contracted, and the bridge core mold can be extracted from the cavity. The bridge core mold is easy to use, economical and durable, can be softly contracted without being inflated, can be folded and curled arbitrarily, and has sufficient strength to withstand the pressure of concrete after inflation, which is unmatched by any traditional rigid formwork. It is suitable for pumping holes of reinforced concrete components, including piles, roof trusses, roof slab column beams, underground tunnels and other components.

Hollow plate inflatable mandrel A

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