Chicken noodles vacuum tumbler / automatic vacuum tumbler / 500L vacuum tumbler

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Details Chicken Noodles Vacuum Tumbler / Automatic Vacuum Tumbler / 500L Vacuum Tumbler

Chicken noodles vacuum tumbler , many customers have not used tumbler equipment, and some are more worried that this equipment will process the product, will the original color of the meat become other colors? You don't need to worry about the automatic vacuum tumbler . The effect is just to marinate the meat in a closed environment under vacuum. The raw meat will add some coloring seasoning, which will cause some discoloration. This is a normal phenomenon. Of course, the customer's own formula also has the effect of protecting the color.

Chicken noodles vacuum tumbler can marinate sausage fillings, bun fillings, and many meat fillings with small pieces of meat can be processed using this machine. The meat will not be minced. Stuffing machine, auger will break the meat.

After being polished, the chicken nugget vacuum tumbler can be beautiful in appearance, and also beautiful in the interior, so there is not much extra meat in the interior. Cleaning is also convenient. After cleaning, the drum can be reversed to keep the discharge state, and the remaining water can be cleaned out. When the 500L vacuum tumbler processes marinated meat again, it only needs to keep the tumbler in the forward direction to maintain the feeding state.

Chicken noodles vacuum tumbler / automatic vacuum tumbler / 500L vacuum tumbler

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