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2020 Wuhan Building Materials Decoration Exhibition \ Wuhan Whole House Custom Exhibition

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Details 2020 Wuhan Building Materials Decoration Exhibition \ Wuhan Whole House Custom Exhibition

2020 The 13th (Wuhan) International Building Materials New Products Investment Promotion & House Customs Exhibition
Held concurrently: 2020 The 12th Wuhan International Door and Window Exhibition
Time: April 23-25, 2020
Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang)

Organizations: Hubei Chu Merchants Federation, Wuhan Building Materials Dealers Association, Wuhan Doors and Windows Association, Hubei Building Materials Market Management Association, Suizhou Building Materials Decoration Industry Association, Xianning Building Decoration Association, Hubei Forestry Industry Promotion Association, Wuhan Hardware Plumbing Chamber of Commerce, Hubei Interior Design Industry Association, Jingmen Decorative Building Material Circulation Association, Jingzhou Building Decoration Association, Xinyang Building Decoration Association, Sino-British joint venture Botassus Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Supporting units: Hubei Provincial Building Decoration Association, Hubei Real Estate Industry Association, Wuhan Real Estate Development Association
Organizers: Wuhan Fengxiang Biao Convention & Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co., Ltd., Wuhan Yingqi Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Effect organization characteristics:
1,300 buses are free of charge. During the exhibition, with Wuhan as the center and the entire central China economic circle within a radius of 500 kilometers, it is expected that 300 buses will be arranged, and buyers will be picked up and returned free of charge during the entire exhibition.
2. One million pieces of data information in the operation center. A team of more than 50 people made one-to-one communication invitations to one million target buyers in the database through the operation center call platform, covering more than 1,600 counties and cities across the country and thousands of professional markets.
3. A 30-person business team pushes the invitation. Deeply dig 15 prefecture-level cities and counties in Ezhou, Huangshi, Xianning, Xiaogan, Xiantao, Qianjiang, Tianmen, Jingzhou, Huanggang, Suizhou, Jingmen, Xiangyang, Yichang, Enshi, Shiyan. It has radiated about 2,000 household building materials markets in Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Shaanxi and other provinces; launched face-to-face invitations for 50 exhibitions in the same industry across the country, and expanded the scope of invitations in all directions.
4. More than 300 mainstream media in-depth promotion. More than 300 mainstream media such as China Household Network, China Whole Wood Network, Asia-Pacific Household Network, etc .; the organizing committee deeply cultivates 1000 high-end WeChat groups covering the precise docking of upstream and downstream companies in the industry; provincial and municipal television channels, and television broadcasting are available in prime time. Location coverage publicity.
5. Rich supporting activities. 2020 Doors and Windows Customization Summit Forum, 2020 Interior Design Development Trends Forum, 2020 Hubei Provincial Building Energy-saving Doors and Windows Technology Seminar, 2020 5th Assembly Building Development and Interior Industrialization Technology Exchange Conference, etc.

Audience coverage:
Public, commercial, civil and industrial buildings: architectural design institutes, real estate, architectural decoration design, engineering construction, parks, scenic spots and tourist resorts / eco-towns, industrial parks, shopping malls / hotels, landscape design. Home improvement company, interior design company, home decoration city, building materials e-commerce platform, chain building materials store / supermarket, manufacturers and agents, garden and landscape engineering companies, property companies, municipalities / planning and construction bureaus / associations / commerce chambers, other retail terminals, etc .

Exhibition scope:
(I) Whole-house customized categories: 1. Overall kitchen cabinet / wardrobe, overall kitchen / bathroom, kitchen appliances, health appliances, combined wardrobe, smart wardrobe; cabinets, sliding doors, drying racks, etc. Integrated kitchen cabinet, integrated kitchen, intelligent kitchen; integrated bathroom, ceramic bathroom. 2, integrated environmental stove, kitchen appliances: suction / range hood, gas stove, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric hot pot, electric wok; dishwasher, garbage processor; air purifier / machine, water purifier, water dispenser ; Yuba, water heater, shower room, steam room, etc .; 3, furniture customization, soft assembly: custom furniture, garden furniture customization, custom smart home, custom children's room, custom home textiles, sofa series, soft assembly customization, bedding, stair customization. 4. Integrated suspended ceiling, metal suspended ceiling, soft film ceiling, sunlight board, etc. 5. Residential wood structure materials; outdoor furniture, landscape building materials custom products, wood plastic / anticorrosive wood and other raw materials. Wooden pavilions, wooden bridges, wooden fences, sunshades, canopies, gazebos, wood plastic planks, fences, walkways, etc.

(2) Decorative building materials: 1. Door industry, locks, building decoration hardware: wooden doors, automatic doors, metal doors, composite materials doors, indoor doors, sliding doors, partition doors; automatic revolving doors, remote control doors, industrial doors, Telescopic door, automatic isolation door; access control system, door accessories; building decoration hardware, building electrical, locks, smart locks, induction locks, safes; plumbing hardware, plumbing; lighting, switches, sockets, smart switches, wires and cables , Smart (water / electricity / gas) meters, switch cabinets; doors / windows / furniture hardware, etc. 2, wall decoration materials, wall decoration / background wall, wallpaper, diatom mud, paint wall decoration materials, wallpaper, wallpaper, wall decoration category: integrated wall materials, home decoration film, synthetic relief background wall, art background Wall, wallpaper, tile, art tile; mural / mural, wall decoration material; composite wall decoration, metal wall decoration, bamboo wall decoration, wood wall decoration, tapestry wall decoration, art wallpaper; paint, exterior wall / interior Coatings, artistic coatings, diatom mud; screens, partitions: glass partitions, movable partitions, office partitions, aluminum alloy frames, partition doors, venetian blinds, etc. 3. Floor materials, floors, floor tiles, floor solid wood floors, composite wood floors, bamboo floors, cork floors, sports floors, heating floors, outdoor floors, plastic floors, rubber floors, stone plastic floors; floor materials and laying accessories, decoration Wooden boards, decorative wood products; floor tiles, glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, whole-body tiles, marble, hemp, granite, floor paint; waterproof materials, adhesives.

(3) Software system: software for furniture design, interior decoration design, home customization, big data, and architectural design. Hubei building materials and furniture industry transfer and docking fair development zones, industrial parks, furniture and building materials industry parks, furniture and building materials creative industry parks, building materials and furniture enterprises, etc.

Contact of the Organizing Committee:
2020 13th Wuhan Construction Expo Organization Office
Contact: Li Xiang
Phone: 010-59694133
Mobile phone: 13811446923 (same number on WeChat)

2020 Wuhan Building Materials Decoration Exhibition \ Wuhan Whole House Custom Exhibition

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Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co., Ltd. CIFI Exhibition

Li Xiang

  • Phone: 010-59694133
  • Mobile: 13811446923
  • Fax: 010-57952332
  • Postcode: 100124
  • Address: Room 1702, Unit 2, Building 5, Jinhai International, 21 Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
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