Aquarium antibacterial special antibacterial ball / antibacterial grit / water purification filter

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Antibacterial ball / antibacterial gravel / water purification filter for fish tank antibacterial

The bacteriostatic mineralized ceramic ball produced by Zibo Judong is made by sintering with inorganic antibacterial powder, kaolin, and appropriate pore-forming agent. Its outstanding features are the spheres' porosity, broad antibacterial spectrum, high efficiency, long-lasting, non-toxic. The bacteriostatic mineralized ball belongs to a broad-spectrum bacteriostatic product, which has a long-lasting bacteriostatic effect, is harmless and non-irritating to the organism, and is a safe and non-toxic product. As a functional ceramic material, the bacteriostatic mineralization ball is processed by a variety of inorganic minerals through a special process, and finally subjected to high-temperature firing treatment and shaping. In the ball. It belongs to the inorganic class, so it has the characteristics of high safety, good heat resistance and good chemical stability.

Scope of application

Zibo Judong bacteriostatic ceramic ball can be used in domestic water , humidifier , environmental sanitation , environmental protection , sewage treatment, water quality improvement and beverage , crop and flower cultivation , poultry breeding , aquaculture, etc.

Aquarium antibacterial special antibacterial ball / antibacterial grit / water purification filter

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