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Sichuan Chengdu polyurethane water-based coatings wholesale manufacturers

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Sichuan Chengdu Polyurethane Waterborne Coatings (Wholesale, Sales, Manufacturers); [Consultation (Mr. Sun: 152-0825-6966 or call 028-85919808)] Keguan Coatings-Crown Brand Polyurethane Paint-Polyurethane Anticorrosive Paint-Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings Factory Direct Sales; (Keco Coatings Co., Ltd.) Each production step must pass strict inspection before it can be sold to customers. Therefore, it has always maintained a good reputation in Sichuan and is loved by the majority of customers. Welcome new and old customers to call us for purchase;

One-component polyurethane waterproof paint-single-component, ready to use on site, cold construction, the entire coating film has no joints, strong adhesion, large elongation, and can adapt to micro cracking of the grassroots. Chemical resistance, aging resistance, mildew resistance, good water resistance and impermeability. Does not contain any solvents, safe construction, and is a healthy and environmentally friendly product. The coating should be used immediately and should not exceed 4 hours.

Instructions for use: After the main paint is added with 6-8% curing agent and stirred well, then add 10-15% deionized water to dilute it. The configured paint needs to be used up within 4H.
Before spraying paint, you need to spray a primer or putty.
After spraying one, spray the second one above 2H.
Theoretical coverage: 10-15m? / Kg
Drying time: self-drying (25 ° C, 50% RH), dry for 1 hour with finger touch, recoat for 2-4 hours, hard dry for 24H, hard dry for 7D.
Construction instructions:
Surface treatment: Before painting, the necessary pre-treatments such as degreasing and decontamination should be performed according to national standards or industry standards;
Air spray is recommended to obtain a uniform and good coating film. Can also be applied by roller coating and brush coating;
Please stir well before using the product to prevent local color differences. The interval between each application is not less than 2 hours, and the interval is not required;
In the construction process, if you need to reduce the viscosity, you can add an appropriate amount of clean water to dilute it. Do not add too much water. We recommend that the amount of water should be less than 10%.
The construction temperature is ≥5 ℃ and the relative humidity is ≤85%. For special construction environment requirements, such as high-humidity environment with temperature below 5 ℃ or above 85%, you can contact the manufacturer to make special deployment of the product according to special circumstances.

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Sichuan Chengdu polyurethane water-based coatings wholesale manufacturers

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