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Detailed information Buy cold storage recycling Shanghai used cold storage recycling demolition

Second-hand cold storage recycling food cold storage demolished a large number of nationwide recycling cold storage boards

Second-hand cold storage refrigeration equipment recycling

Cold storage demolition and recycling in all regions of the country, cold storage plate recycling, cold storage unit recycling, 139-175-37-207 lithium bromide solution recycling, direct combustion engine recycling
A large number of cold storage board recycling, dismantling cold storage recycling, cold storage equipment recycling, dismantling and recycling foam board, rock wool board, color steel sandwich panel
Cold second-hand cold storage demolition cold storage board recycling cold storage equipment recycling, professional recycling demolition cold storage board, dual temperature cold storage, quick freezing cold storage, fresh-keeping cold storage, aquatic seafood cold storage, cold storage cold storage, mushroom cold storage, air-conditioned cold storage, logistics

Cold storage, ultra-low temperature cold storage, flower cold storage, seed cold storage, combined cold storage, coil cold storage, hotel cold storage, bakery cold storage, supermarket cold storage, pharmaceutical cold storage, food cold storage, fruit cold storage, vegetable cold storage, tea cold storage, etc.
Professional recycling and dismantling of food processing plants, meat and seafood processing plants, cold beverage plants, vegetable processing plants, quick-frozen food plants, farmers' markets, dairy plants, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, fruit and vegetable warehouses,
Egg and egg warehouse, hotel, hotel, supermarket, laboratory, logistics cold chain, chemical industry, etc.
Removal of cold storage room plates, color steel plates, composite plastic plates, embossed aluminum plates, galvanized plates, stainless steel slate cotton plates recycling, dust-free workshop recycling, purification workshop recycling, ultra-clean clean room recycling, foam board recycling, color steel plate rooms Recycle

, Steel structure demolition and recycling
Major professional demolition projects:
Dust-free workshop demolition and recycling treatment, clean room demolition and recycling treatment, color steel plate room demolition, rock wool board partition demolition, large cold storage demolition, fire board demolition, plant partition demolition and recycling, metal equipment demolition, and chemical equipment demolition

In addition to recycling, the workshop insulation board was removed, and the color steel ceiling partition wall was removed.

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