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Plastic industry

Plastic bag Rubber pad plastic box plastic barrel Plastic cans plastic bottle Woven bag Blister packaging film
Plastic raw materials Packaging film Agricultural film PVC pipe Plastic plates plastic rod Foam plastic Plastic mesh Tires
rubber Board rubber tube Steel plastic pipe Compound hose Softener Filler Glue cutting machine Making Machine Blowing Machine

[Supply] Specializing in the production of X-rays for various hospitals
[Supply] upe conveying machine non-stick scraper
[Supply] supply non-stick for food conveyor
[Supply] Conveyor UPE scraper up
[Supply] special leg mat for pump truck | UPE
[Supply] SurlynPC2000
[Supply] UHMWPE vacuum box panel
[Supply] Wear-resistant suction box for paper mill machinery
[Supply] Petroleum resin Crewelly W-14
[Supply] manufacturers directly supply ultra high molecular polyethylene scraper
[Supply] Production of designated ice hockey fences for the Winter Olympics
[Supply] manufacturers supply hdpe two-color board,
[Supply] leg support plate A polymer composite leg
[Supply] factory direct supply wear and corrosion resistance
[Supply] Special nuclear anti-radiation polyethylene for Nanjing nuclear construction
[Supply] manufacturers directly supply ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
[Supply] Polymer anti-corrosion for sewage treatment equipment
[Supply] special leg pad for crane pump
[Buy] Buy recycled epoxy resin
[Buy] Buy plastic water cup
[Buy] Buy PP recycled particles
[Buy] Buy a lot of PET sheet material
[Buying] Buying waste
[Buy] Buy plastic head ABS
[Buy] Buy EPDM plastic
[Buy] Buy transparent PP film
[Buy] Urgently buy PP recycled materials
[Buy] Buy foot pad (Figure)
[Buy] Buy Asphalt Rubber Sheet
[Buy] Buy Shanghai Shuangshu 161 Bakelite
[Buy] emergency buy HDPE pipe (Figure)
[Buy] Buy black PP board (Figure)
[Buy] Urgent buy PVC connector (Figure)
[Buy] Buy high temperature resistant cotton
[Buy] Buy plastic sleeve (Figure)
[Buy] Buy double-sided coated silicon release film
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· Shanghai Dacel Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
· Dezhou Baomei Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.-Sales
· Kaiping Sanbu Zhibo Hardware Plastic Factory
· Shandong Zhuoyue Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Silingke New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
· Shenzhen Yaoxinglong Plastic Co., Ltd.
· Jiangsu Jinshanglai Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Shunde Plastic Co., Ltd.
· Chengdu Hejia Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.
· Shenzhen Degel Plastic Co., Ltd.
· Wuxi Wenjing Plastic Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Qishi Keshun Electronic Fittings Factory
· Yangzhou Haida Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
· Wuhan Bohou Environmental Protection Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Hengshui Diyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
· Shandong Dongxin Plastic Co., Ltd._PVC Pipe
· Hebei Kaiwei Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
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