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Computer and Digital Industry

CPU Motherboard RAM hard disk monitor Mouse and keyboard Case power supply Power Adapter
Computer interface cable Desktop laptop Wiring products network engineering mobile phone phone card Portable Disc Player Digital camera
Digital camera MP4 Digital Frame Digital Accessories printer supplies scanner Computer card reader Management software Speakers

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· Shenzhen Yihuo Technology Co., Ltd.
· Chongqing Kunyu Technology Co., Ltd.
· Chengdu Xinpai Network Technology Co., Ltd.
· Beijing Ganxing Jietong Technology Co., Ltd.
· Shandong Swiss Jia Information Technology Co., Ltd.
· Beijing Kangyuan Qiananzhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.
· Shenzhen Kwaifang Technology Co., Ltd.
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· Electronic bidding and procurement platform solution
What kind of benefits can the electronic government procurement platform control achieve?
Does electronic bidding software follow the bidding law and government procurement law?
· Desktop virtualization VDI deployment elected NComputing
· NComputing cloud terminal application
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