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Sugar cube intelligence, redefining the digital transformation of smart buildings, is changing the logic of business and society. Cube Sugar Intelligent Technology is committed to bringing advanced wireless Internet of Things technology to intelligent buildings, connecting enterprises, people and the environment.

We focus on overall system solutions such as smart space, visitor management, smart meetings, smart workstations, conference room appointments, office space management, and commercial (office) environmental management, helping companies and owners to turn their buildings into healthier and more A greener and more humane living space helps businesses become more attractive centers of experience and helps schools become a paradise for children's healthy growth and professional learning.

Cube Sugar Intelligent Technology is composed of experts and managers from IT, electronics, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries. At present, the company has established software and hardware R & D teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and a complete electronics product design and manufacturing base in Guangdong. The IoT and cube sugar cloud big data platform composed of hundreds of thousands of high-efficiency sensors produced by cube sugar every year make everything in the building clearly visible, from as small as a toilet paper to the entire floor

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Shanghai Fangtang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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