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Since its establishment, Shenzhen Longji Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. has focused on the development and sales of electronic optical CCD detection instruments, electronic optical measuring instruments, and machine vision systems. Now we have a strong team composed of experienced production, sales and service personnel, who can provide you with a complete set of services including technical consultation, product selection, installation and commissioning, application guidance, and maintenance. We will promote "Longji" on the brand road, provide you with prototype test for free, adhering to the spirit of "professional, dedicated, efficient and honest", we will become your most trusted partner!
Operating items:
1. Electronic optical CCD detector:
CCD visual automatic detector, visual online detector, CCD image comparison detector, CCD detector; CCD detectors for connectors, inductors, transformers, hardware, wire ends and other products; microscopes, CCD microscopes, magnifiers, electronic magnifiers, digital Magnifier, CCD magnifier, CCD electronic magnifier, electronic digital magnifier, electron microscope, TV video microscope, coaxial light CCD microscope

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Shenzhen Xinlongji Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.

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