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Shanghai Fenhuang Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly produces standard products such as variable frequency power supplies, regulated power supplies, transformers, 60HZ variable frequency power supplies, 400HZ intermediate frequency power supplies, and marine shore power supplies. The power range is 0.5KVA-2000KVA. , Communication, metallurgy, petrochemical, medical, household and commercial appliances, motors, power tools, chargers, electronic transformers, switching power supplies, electronic components, lamps, low-voltage power distribution, communications, fields and national related metrology, quality inspection, commodity inspection Departments and other industries. The products produced by the manufacturers are exported to Europe, the United States, South America, Asia and many other countries and regions. Really achieved the leap from the product to the overall solution of power protection. Among them, variable frequency power supply is divided into three-phase variable frequency power supply and single-phase variable frequency power supply. 60HZ variable frequency power supply is specially designed and manufactured for 60Hz import and export equipment. It can be used as the power supply for imported 60Hz electrical equipment and production lines; it can also be used as the test power supply for export electrical product production lines. 400HZ variable frequency power supply can be used as a dedicated 400HZ power supply on the berth.

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