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Zhucheng Lite Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhucheng, Shandong, China. It is an important economic, cultural, and transportation center, and is known as "China's Dragon City and Shundi's Hometown." Its food machinery manufacturing industry has a large scale, a solid foundation and strong supporting capabilities.

Litter has an experienced professional R & D team and advanced production and processing technology, which give Litt products excellent quality. All products are made with high-quality raw materials to ensure that our equipment is safe, hygienic and energy efficient. The company's main products are pasteurizers, fruit and vegetable washing machines, air dryers, food conveyors, pickers, hair removal machines, peelers, fruit and vegetable separation machines, vacuum tumblers, saline injection machines, chopping machines, Meatball forming cooking line, hydraulic enema machine, dicing machine, fumigator, etc. The products can be widely used in many food industries such as meat, aquatic products, quick-frozen foods, and prepared foods.
The company strives for "honesty and credibility", and customer demand is the driving force for our continuous improvement. We make unremitting efforts to provide our customers with quality products and excellent services, from initial consultation, design, installation, commissioning, training

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