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Hydraulic piston pump

Hydraulic piston pump
Release time: 2019-12-30 10:11
Region: Shandong> Jinan City> Licheng District
Company: Jinan Haoran Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact: Wang Lixiao
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Contact information
Phone: 86-531-85933812
Mobile phone: 13181034414
Fax: 86-531-85933812
Address: Lide Building, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Company Website:
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Hydraulic piston pump
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First of all, the parts that make up the sealed volume are cylindrical plungers and cylinder bores, which are easy to process, can obtain higher fitting accuracy, have good sealing performance, and still have high volumetric efficiency at high pressure work;
Second, the flow can be changed by simply changing the working stroke of the plunger, and the variable is easy to realize;
Third, the main parts of the plunger pump are all under compressive stress, and the material strength performance can be fully utilized.
Because the plunger pump has high pressure, compact structure, high efficiency, and convenient flow adjustment, it is used in systems that require high pressure, large flow, and high power, and where flow needs to be adjusted, such as planers, broaching machines, hydraulic machines, construction machinery, and mining It is widely used in metallurgical machinery and ships. The plunger pump can be divided into radial plunger pump and axial plunger pump according to the arrangement and movement direction of the plunger. According to the type of the distribution device, it can be divided into the plunger pump and valve with gap sealing type Two types of plunger pumps for distribution devices are divided into quantitative plunger pumps and variable plunger pumps according to whether the displacement is variable.
Hydraulic piston pump
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