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Kunshan to Lanzhou Fresh Keep Refrigerated Delivery

Kunshan to Lanzhou Fresh Keep Refrigerated Delivery
Release time: 2020-02-22 05:05
Region: Shanghai> Shanghai
Company: Shanghai Baoke Logistics Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Ai
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Contact information
Phone: 86 21-5484 2900
Mobile phone: 18701976606/18217661379
Fax: 86-
Address: 1268 Yangshupu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Postcode: 201108
QQ: 741066524 MSN: 741066524
Company Website:
Detailed description
Kunshan to Lanzhou Fresh Keep Refrigerated Delivery
Specifications: 111 Model: 111 Quantity: 111
Brand: 1111 Packaging: 111 Price: 111

      Shanghai Baoke Cold Chain Logistics, which can supply temperature ( 20 ~ -25 ℃) to meet the different temperature requirements of different goods. There are more than 30 professional refrigerated trucks and more than 40 contracted vehicles . The types of vehicles are complete. Tons, 8 tons, 17 tons, 28 tons, the length of the carriage is 5.2m , 6.8m , 7.6m , 9.6m , 12m , 13.7m , 15m . 16.5m and other types. Backhaul car scheduling , constant temperature delivery . Shanghai Baoke Refrigerated Logistics relies on high-quality refrigerated delivery, cold storage resources, multi-regional cold chain service network, and three-temperature section delivery, storage, and distribution functions, providing our customers with the functions of Finished product storage, transportation, sorting, packaging, processing, etc., and cooperate with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain to improve the service quality and support customer sales to a greater extent to expand the value for our customers in the cold chain process. Shanghai Baoke Refrigerated Logistics ( safe and fast; Shanghai Baoke Logistics cold chain is preferred for good quality frozen logistics services ) Frozen food is divided into "frozen food" and "quick frozen food". Foods that are frozen at a temperature below -30 are called frozen foods, and foods that are frozen at -18--23 are called frozen products.

Kunshan to Lanzhou Fresh Keep Refrigerated Delivery

"Agricultural Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan", the plan puts forward the policy, main tasks, key projects and safeguard measures of agricultural product cold chain logistics development to 2015. "Planning" proposed to implement eight major projects: one is the construction of cold storage, the second is the construction of low-temperature distribution processing center, the third is the cold chain transportation vehicle and refrigeration equipment engineering, the fourth is the cold chain logistics enterprise training project, and the fifth is the whole process of cold chain logistics. Monitoring and tracing system engineering, sixth is the cold chain logistics project of meat and aquatic products, seventh is the cold chain logistics project of fruits and vegetables, and eight is the cold chain logistics supervision and inspection system project.

The cold chain logistics industry chain includes refrigeration equipment, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, refrigerators, refrigerated transportation, cold chain information construction, and cold chain IoT.

As more and more cold foods enter people's days, cold chain logistics gradually shows business opportunities. Local governments and some enterprises began to consciously cultivate and develop Cold Chain Logistics as a shopping mall's "blue ocean." Following the changes in people's living standards and consumer awareness, the demand for the Cold Chain Logistics profession has grown extremely rapidly in recent years. According to data, the transaction value of cold chain logistics represented by fruits and vegetables, animal products, aquatic products and flowers is growing at an annual rate of 20%. Another set of data is that China's existing refrigeration capacity only accounts for 20% to 30% of the demand for goods, about 90% of meat, 80% of aquatic products, and many dairy products and soy products are not satisfied with the cold chain demand.

In the northern countryside, there are often cellars that store vegetables and fruits, and when people enter the cellars.

If the candle goes out, the biogas is too heavy. Need to release air before entering the cellar. Its advantage is warm in winter and cool in summer. I can buy vegetables anytime now. There are no cellars in the north, and the winters are warm and the summers are cool, which is convenient for storing vegetables and fruits. Most of the northern winter lacks vegetables and fruits, so in the fall, some people will store some vegetables and fruits in the cellar. The use of candlelight is to prevent the excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the cellar, which makes people unable to breathe in, keeps warm, and allows vegetables to adhere to oxygen for a longer time to prevent hypoxia, which is beneficial to safety.

We trust that we take the customer's mindset as our own, and do our best to fulfill all our commitments, and deliver the customer's goods to the destination in a timely, safe and accurate manner. With accurate flight information and high-quality service attitude, coupled with the intense responsibility and dedication of the entire staff, we provide a strong guarantee to meet the needs of customers. It is not accidental to choose the time-honored, lock the time-honored customers Safe and secure selection! !! !!

Kunshan to Lanzhou fresh refrigerated delivery Kunshan to Lanzhou fresh refrigerated delivery Kunshan to Lanzhou fresh refrigerated delivery

Kunshan to Lanzhou Fresh Keep Refrigerated Delivery
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