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Planting flowers heating boiler factory direct sales vegetable greenhouse heating boiler stable performance

Planting flowers heating boiler factory direct sales Vegetable greenhouse heating boiler stable performance
Release time: 2019-12-30 09:37
Region: Shandong> Dezhou> Ningjin
Company: Shandong Ningjin Wanjia Breeding Equipment Factory
Contact: Xie Yu
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Phone: 86-534-5225821
Mobile phone: 17667365821
Fax: 86-534-5225821
Address: Ningjin Development Zone
Postcode: 253400
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Planting flowers heating boiler factory direct sales vegetable greenhouse heating boiler stable performance
Specifications: 1 Model: wj-03 Quantity: 100
Brand: Wanjia Packaging: 100 Price: 4500

In winter, greenhouse planting is affected by temperature to a certain extent. How can the greenhouse be insulated in winter?
The company mainly produces heating equipment for greenhouses. The temperature increase of greenhouse insulation has always been a key problem that plagues growers, especially in northern China, and has even affected the healthy development of the vegetable industry. In the event of a sudden rain or snow disaster, temporary artificial heating is required to ensure the normal growth of crops. Commonly used heating methods are mainly burning corn cobs, sawdust, charcoal, or fume, coal stoves, heating, etc. to make the temperature of the greenhouse not drop quickly. Electric heaters can also be used for heating. Many places can buy them now, but the power of these electric heating equipment is relatively high, so pay attention to safety when using it. When heating coal, pay attention to avoid exposing the seedlings to smoke, because soot contains a lot of harmful gases. Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, etc., so there is a smoke pipe, the smoke is completely removed, leaving the heat behind. The recommended method is to use a radiator to heat, burn a small boiler, use hot water to heat it, and enter the greenhouse through the pipe. This can greatly increase the heating efficiency, keep the temperature uniform, and burn the coal. Less, the effect is pretty good. In addition, the humidity must be controlled so that the humidity is not too high. The main reason for the greenhouse vegetable disease in winter is that there is less ventilation in the greenhouse and it is more prone to downy mildew, especially some melons and eggplant fruits are more likely to occur. Gray mold is caused by high humidity in the shed. The key reason for the occurrence of these diseases is the unsuitable environment, which reduces the resistance of plants and causes diseases. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of diseases, we must start from the environment. As we said above, don't make the temperature difference between the environment too large, the temperature difference will be too large, the humidity difference in the air during the day and night will change greatly, making it difficult for the crop to adapt. This is also a very important measure to reduce the humidity of the greenhouse. The humidity of the air at night should not exceed 80%, so the incidence of disease is very small. If it exceeds 80% or there is fog in the greenhouse, the occurrence of greenhouse diseases is very difficult Avoided. Insect pest activity intensity is not high in winter, a little more may be aphids. The greenhouse heating boiler produced by Shouguang Aidi Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. completely solves the problems that vegetables in the winter are frozen to death or the vegetables cannot be treated due to excessive humidity. The product is easy to use and simple to operate.
If the installation is correct, the fan can be turned on after the fire is started. The fan must be turned after starting the fan. Under normal circumstances, it can be heated for 2-3 hours. When the outdoor temperature is too low, you can increase the temperature again after a few hours, depending on the situation. When it reaches the required temperature, it can stop. Seal fire with coal dust or coal ash before shutdown. Seal the flame, and then let the fan continue to rotate for a period of time to reduce the furnace temperature before stopping. To prevent burning out of the furnace tube. The vegetable heating boiler is designed for vegetable greenhouses in winter, and is widely used in vegetable greenhouses, flower greenhouses, breeding, nursery rooms, workshops, warehouses, etc. Many kinds of environmental protection and energy saving boilers such as hot water heating boilers, the company is developing and expanding, the product types are new, and the market prospect is broad. So how do we farmers friends control this temperature? To what extent is heating appropriate? The degree to which it is heated varies according to the type of vegetable. In terms of temperature-loving vegetables, above 15 ° C, it can be controlled between 20 ° C and 25 ° C during the day and not lower than 15 ° C at night. This heating index is suitable, so the greenhouse structure I advocate should be a thermally stable In the greenhouse, the temperature difference between day and night cannot be too large, 22 ℃ ~ 23 ℃ during the day, 18 ℃ ~ 19 ℃ at night, and the temperature difference between day and night is maintained at about 5 ℃. Such a greenhouse system is more scientific and reasonable, but it must be no lower than night 18 ℃ ~ 19 ℃.
Planting flowers heating boiler factory direct sales Vegetable greenhouse heating boiler stable performance
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