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Long-range positioning RFID tag 2.4GHz active card Personnel article positioning tag waterproof FB-T20

Long-range positioning RFID tag 2.4GHz active card Personnel article positioning tag waterproof FB-T20
Release time: 2019-12-29 20:50
Region: Shanghai> Shanghai> Xuhui District
Company: Shanghai Fengbao Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: He Zhaowang
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Contact information
Phone: 86-021-33675566
Mobile phone: 18501690038
Fax: 86-21-33674281
Address: Room 1501, Building 20, Gem Garden, 487 Tianlin Road
Postcode: 200233
Company website:
Detailed description
Long-range positioning RFID tag 2.4GHz active card Personnel article positioning tag waterproof FB-T20
Specifications: Size: 60mm * 37mm * 15mm Model: FB-T20 Quantity: 5000
Brand: package: Price: 38

Product desciption

Commodity name: Long-distance positioning electronic tag

Model: FB-T20

Size: 60mm * 37mm * 15mm

Protection level: IP67

Working time:> 3 years

Battery: non-replaceable

Installation method: sticking, bundling

Product Overview

FB-T20 long-distance electronic tag is a special electronic tag used to locate people or objects. The electronic tag periodically broadcasts the tag ID information to the outside, and the transmission distance can be up to 100 meters. The tag reader can not only receive the ID information of nearby tags, but also calculate the distance from the tag to the reader based on the field strength of the wireless signal. Through the comprehensive analysis of the data received by multiple card readers, the specific location of the tag can be obtained.

The electronic tag is fixed on the surface of the turnover box, material box, forklift, etc., and several card readers are installed around or on the top of the room, which can realize the real-time monitoring of the position of the indoor items and facilitate the tracking and search of the items. Wearing the electronic tag on the personnel can realize the dynamic and real-time attendance of the personnel. The electronic tag is used in conjunction with a handheld card reader, which can conveniently find items and call people. Positioning electronic tags are widely used in many applications such as intelligent warehouse management, logistics tracking, indoor navigation, and personnel management.

Product characteristics

■ Send tag information every second, working time is not less than 3 years.

■ The wireless transmitting power is 4.5dBm, and the transmitting distance is not less than 80 meters.

■ The wireless frequency band adopts the 2.4GHz global development microwave frequency band, without application and payment.

■ There is a battery undervoltage reminder. After undervoltage, the label can continue to use for 1 month.

■ The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic, protection grade IP67, can be immersed in water for a short time.

■ Dimensions, rectangular parallelepiped 60mm * 37mm * 15mm

■ Working temperature -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Label positioning principle

The FB-T20 electronic tag can be recognized by multiple card readers within a valid distance at the same time. Each reader within the valid range will get the distance between the electronic tag and itself. It is possible to obtain the specific position of the electronic tag in space by the test value of the device.

1. The micro base station is installed on the wall, and the position of the electronic tag can be obtained by measuring the nearest two micro base stations of the electronic tag.

2. On the top surface of the micro base station, the position of the electronic tag can be obtained from the measurement values of the nearest three micro base stations of the electronic tag.

Product installation method

Attach the electronic label with double-sided tape or bind it with a cable tie.

Precautions for use

1) Keep the surface of the label dry.

2) Do not place it in a place with a lot of metal.

3) Do not place it in a confined space.

4) Do not place near corrosive objects.

5) Please use it under its normal working temperature and humidity.

6) The parameters, specifications and models of product components shall not be changed at will during maintenance.

7) Do not immerse the label in water for a long time.

Long-range positioning RFID tag 2.4GHz active card Personnel article positioning tag waterproof FB-T20
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