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Huizhou Mengyuan deck sofa

Huizhou Mengyuan deck sofa
Release time: 2019-12-28 16:56
Region: Guangdong> Dongguan
Company: Dongguan Mengyuan Furniture Co., Ltd.
Contact: Liu Xianhuan
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Contact information
Phone: 86-769-88037308
Mobile phone: 13790503158
Fax: 86-769-88323923
Address: 6 Jiangnan Industrial Street, Lijiangwei Group, Xiaohe Village, Daojiao Town
Postcode: 523170
Company Website:
Detailed description
Huizhou Mengyuan deck sofa
Specification: 145 * 97 * 45cm Model: M2 Quantity: 3000 sets
Brand: Dream Packaging: woven bag Price: 683 yuan / set

Huizhou Dream Mart Card Seat Sofa Many people now install a card sofa at home, which is also a decoration method that many people like, especially for small family homes, more choices for installing a card sofa, because the size of a small family It ’s small, it ’s crowded if you do n’t use a seat sofa, the space utilization is low, and the space is already small. In contrast to installing a sofa with a seat, these problems are gone, and the space is fully utilized. The key looks beautiful. If you still have any doubts about the cotton card sofa at home, Xiaobian will introduce you the advantages and disadvantages of the card sofa at home, you will not be so entangled after reading it.  

1. Advantages of installing a sofa in the home

Space-saving: Home-mounted sofas usually save space in two ways. First, the sofas at home are generally equipped with storage functions. Where is this storage function? Below, because the card seat sofa has a hollow design, some unused or temporarily unused things in the home can be organized and put there. On the other hand, the card seat sofa at home is a solid design, which means that the card seat sofa leans against a wall or a partition. The advantage is obvious, that is, there is no need to reserve space in the rear. Therefore, a small sofa can be installed at home in a small corner.

Beautiful: There are a large number of people who insist on installing a card seat sofa at home because it looks good. Compared to the previous advantage, it makes more young men and women middle-aged. The card seat sofas at home are almost all solid wood seats, which are used with cushions and pillows. The appearance of this part of solid wood is generally blistering, giving a simple European style tone. This pair of deck sofa is really beautiful at home.

2. Disadvantages of installing a sofa at home:

Expensive: When it comes to this, it is really a flaw of many people. If you want to install a card seat sofa at home, the cost is not so cheap. It is completely different from buying a table and chair directly. Times. Even if it is a little ordinary, the price is about thousands of yuan. Huizhou Mengyuan deck sofa

Solid installation: This is also mentioned above, because the sofa is installed against the wall or partition, so after the sofa is installed, it is fixed and cannot be moved. The layout of the home is not easy to change. If you really want to change it, you must remove all the sofas and then renovate the original walls.

Huizhou Mengyuan deck sofa
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