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Large displacement pneumatic hydraulic pump double pneumatic motor hydraulic pump double speed double acting pneumatic hydraulic pump

Large displacement pneumatic hydraulic pump Double pneumatic motor hydraulic pump Double speed double acting pneumatic hydraulic pump
Release time: 2019-12-28 15:57
Region: Shandong> Yantai
Company: Yantai Dongyue Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact: Xia Chunlei
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Contact information
Phone: 86-535-6511516
Mobile phone: 15265359917
Fax: 86-535-6511516
Address: Dongyue Electromechanical, Jinding Petroleum Institute, 45-8 Chemical Road, Zhifu District
Company website:
Detailed description
Large displacement pneumatic hydraulic pump double pneumatic motor hydraulic pump double speed double acting pneumatic hydraulic pump
Specifications: BQ-SS01 Model: BQ-SS01 Quantity: 600
Brand: D-leap Packaging cartons Price: 4800

Double air motor hydraulic pump can provide low pressure and large flow, and the low pressure is 14bar, which can make the hydraulic cylinder work quickly. High pressure can be achieved in the second stage, and the rated pressure reaches 70MPa.
When the hydraulic equipment needs to perform boosting work in a short time, a low-pressure working environment is required to quickly lift the hydraulic cylinder. After working in a low-pressure environment, it is turned into a high-pressure pneumatic motor to start work and complete the high-pressure jacking work.
This is an air-driven high-pressure hydraulic pump. The industrial air compressor can normally drive this pneumatic hydraulic pump at a pressure of 5bar-8bar. It can act as a single-acting cylinder, double-acting cylinder, ultra-thin cylinder, large-tonnage cylinder and other lifting tools. It can also provide hydraulic power for various hydraulic tools, hydraulic pliers, hydraulic shears, mining tools, pipe benders, pipe presses, etc., suitable for various working environments. Because this hydraulic pump does not need to be directly connected to the power supply, it is not afraid of sparks caused by dragging the power supply, which causes hidden dangers. The pneumatic hydraulic pump has good safety, especially in the flammable and explosive working environment, it does not generate sparks by itself, and can work in an environment with high safety requirements. It also saves energy and belongs to green environmental protection equipment. It meets the needs of dust-free workshops and environmental protection workshops, and can also work in outdoor environments.
Yantai Dongyue Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. has a good reputation and reputation in the field of pneumatic hydraulics, and has researched and expanded manual hydraulic pumps and electric hydraulic pumps. Now the main products are portable pneumatic hydraulic pumps, portable large displacement pneumatic hydraulic pumps, two-speed double-acting hydraulic pumps and two-stage electric hydraulic pumps, which are used in various industries. First-hand supply, manufacturers directly support.

Large displacement pneumatic hydraulic pump Double pneumatic motor hydraulic pump Double speed double acting pneumatic hydraulic pump
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