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Fengming Liang carbon fiber film non-contact laser precision detector

Fengming Liang carbon fiber film non-contact laser precision detector
Release time: 2020-01-18 11:19
Region: Guangdong> Shenzhen> Nanshan District
Company: Shenzhen Fengmingliang Technology Co., Ltd. (Sales)
Contact: Xie Shengsheng
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Contact information
Phone: 86-755-83102946
Mobile phone: 13652311601
Fax: 86-755-83102946
Address: 80 Longzhu Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (behind)
Postcode: 518000
Company Website:
Detailed description
Fengming Liang carbon fiber film non-contact laser precision detector
Specification: 0 mm≤thickness≤36mm; 0 mm≤width≤680mm Model: LTG-300 Quantity: 99
Brand: Feng Mingliang Packaging: aluminum box Price: 75000

Fengming Liang carbon fiber film non-contact laser precision detector

Description of LTG-300 Scanning Laser Online Thickness Gauge:

Uses: Scanning laser on-line thickness gauges are widely used in the thickness measurement of various transparent and non-transparent plates, sheets, foam boards, hollow boards, wood boards, films and other products during operation.

Function: Online real-time measurement and monitoring, digital display, automatic alarm, production process control adjustment and computer RS485 serial communication.

Features: Non-pollution laser measurement method, continuous non-contact, non-damaging thickness measurement of the measured object, non-radiation, good safety performance, fast response, independent of the material of the measured object, simple operation and maintenance, high accuracy .

Technical Parameters:

Measuring range: 0 mm≤thickness≤36mm; 0 mm≤width≤680mm
Measurement sampling speed: 2000 times per second;

Display speed: 2 to 3 times per second (or set the range according to requirements);

Measurement accuracy: dynamic +/- 0.002mm;

Measurement principle: laser non-diffractive optical system;

Measurement method: scanning or fixed-point thickness measurement;

RS485 serial communication: The instrument can be connected to a computer through an RS485 serial port.

Product introduction

  Fengmingliang online laser non-contact thickness gauge uses different models of high-precision laser triangle on-line thickness gauges that can be applied to hot / cold rolled metal sheets and strips. The lasers are installed on the U-shaped rack and shoot at opposite sides. Measure the thickness of the sheet.  The meter has automatic calibration and clearing functions, which can compensate / eliminate the errors caused by U-shaped frame deformation due to heat radiation at any time.  Traditional ray thickness gauges will be affected by the thickness of the alloy material and the plate. It cannot accurately measure plates with very large thickness changes, and requires a high level of safety protection. 

product detailed information

LTG-300 Laser Online Thickness Gauge Online thickness monitor for sheet thickness

The online laser thickness gauge uses different types of precision laser triangle thickness gauges that can be used for cold / hot metal measurement. The lasers are mounted on the U-shaped frame and shoot at opposite sides. The meter has automatic calibration and clearing functions, which can compensate / eliminate the errors caused by U-shaped frame deformation due to heat radiation at any time. The traditional ray thickness gauge is affected by the thickness of the alloy material and the plate. It cannot accurately measure the plate with a very large thickness change, and it needs a high level of safety protection.
After the laser online thickness gauge is powered on, the computer displays the status of the precision laser thickness gauge, reads the data of the laser thickness gauge and judges the validity of the data, so that the meter maintains the normal relay output.
The laser thickness gauge has an automatic calibration system, and the thickness gauge needs to be calibrated every measurement gap. Through accurate and real-time calibration, the high precision of the measurement can be guaranteed, and the adverse effects of various factors such as high temperature, deformation, and temperature drift on the measurement accuracy can be eliminated.

Thickness measurement has nothing to do with alloy material
The accuracy has nothing to do with the thickness of the measured object
Automatic calibration and clearing of rolling gap to ensure high-precision measurement
Cold and hot temperature conversion curve with 18 alloys
Multiple configuration options: center point measurement or multi-point measurement
The laser thickness gauge is installed relatively up and down, with high measurement accuracy and fast response time
System self-test, dynamic average of measurement data, accurate and reliable square measurement
U-frame structure is sturdy, water-cooled, air-blown, multi-layer thermal insulation and protection
Good U-frame drive system guarantees stable operation of thickness gauge
The system is simple to maintain and low in cost.

Performance index of online laser thickness gauge

Thickness range: 0.06mm-5.5mm (according to user requirements)

Temperature range: 0 ℃ -35 ℃
Measurement time: 0.1ms
Resolution: ± 0.0001mm
Repeatability: ± 0.0015mm
Alloy curve: 18

Lianren (electricity): one three six five two three one one six zero one
Measurement position: one point or multiple points at the center (scanning measurement)
Output interface: serial RS-232, RS485
Digital input: measurement allows digital output: system is normal, data is valid

Local display: non-isolated serial port

Measuring range: 0 mm≤thickness≤36mm; 0 mm≤width≤680mm

Real-time online detection of strip thickness, which can automatically compensate for the plate's runout, tilt, side shift, and heat shrinkage;

The special vibration compensation technology greatly improves the stability of the system; online continuous measurement, high accuracy and fast detection speed;

5000-pixel infrared image sensor with super sensitivity, industrial-grade low aberration lens,

Real-time and historical data display and storage of strip, connection automatically generates reports and prints;

No radiation, good safety performance; fast response, unaffected by the target material

Real-time thickness curve drawing and historical thickness storage;

Sound and light alarm, Chinese character large screen online display; friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate and maintain;

Using industrial-grade high-speed infrared area array CCD photoelectric sensor and high-speed FPGA acquisition pattern recognition circuit developed by us

Measuring range: 0 mm≤thickness≤36mm; 0 mm≤width≤680mm

Fengming Liang carbon fiber film non-contact laser precision detector
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