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How much is a ton of centrifugal glass wool roll felt in recent days-price consultation

How much is a ton of centrifugal glass wool roll felt in recent days-price consultation
Release time: 2019-12-27 11:56
Region: Hebei> Langfang City> Dacheng (Pingshu Town)
Company: Dacheng County Kaiying Thermal Insulation Material Factory
Contact: Guo Sufang
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Phone: 86-316-5958607
Mobile phone: 17733619212
Fax: 86-316-5958607
Address: Daguangan Industrial Zone
Postcode: 065900
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How much is a ton of centrifugal glass wool roll felt in recent days-price consultation
Specifications: Custom Model: Custom Quantity: 10000000
Brand: Kaiying Packaging: Custom Price: 110

How much is a ton of centrifugal glass wool roll felt in recent days-price consultation

In recent years, glass wool is an important and widely used polymer material, and its demand has shown a sharp increase, especially in the construction industry. With the more and more complete laws and regulations on environmental protection, greenhouse effect and energy consumption in various countries around the world, the superior performance of glass wool in building applications has become more prominent.

Glass Wool——Efficient thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing decorative material Glass wool is the most widely used thermal insulation material in the world, because it has the following characteristics in terms of technology and energy saving:

1.Good heat insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption performance, non-combustion, low thermal conductivity

2.Light weight (easy to carry, process and install during construction)

3. Good physical and chemical properties: it does not produce harmful gas, does not rot, is not affected by insects and animal infestation, does not absorb moisture, does not age, and can coexist with most chemicals on common metals.

We are always talking about glass insulation wool, glass wool insulation board is widely used in construction, but we do n’t know how it is applied. Today we will use a practical example to understand the specificity of glass wool felt in construction. usage.

Construction practice

(1) 18 thick solid wood floors, painted (the floor products are already painted, there is no such procedure).

(2) 46X46 wooden keel 400, 40X40X18 wooden pads for aerial use, 400X46X46 horizontal stays, 800 (keel, pads, horizontal support full of antiseptic), filled with 40 thick dry coke residues for sound insulation Floor. Manufacturers of wooden keel, wooden floor, panel need to provide inspection report and factory certificate.

Construction process

According to the characteristics of the project, consideration is given to factors such as quality, construction period requirements, on-site construction conditions, and ease of operation. After the leveling layer construction is completed and the strength is reached, the following procedures are performed:

(1) Drilling hole: Mark the position of the keel according to the design of the drawing, measure the coordinates of the pre-buried bolt, and drill a hole of ?18mm, drill a depth of 60-100mm, a spacing of 800mm, and a line spacing of 400mm.

(2) Special bolts for embedding: Fix them with cement with non-aqueous adhesive. The embedded bolts must be level on the same level.

(3) The keel is fixed with special bolts, the bolt size is Ф8 × 130 ~ 150㎜, and the vertical and horizontal spacing is 400㎜. The lower keel is lifted with wooden pads and leveled with two-way pads. The two-way pads are glued and fixed with 4 # nails.

(4) Fill the slag layer with a thickness of 40 between the keels.

(5) Install 18mm thick panel (with paint), first lay a layer of moisture-proof film, and then install the panel.

(6) Ventilation holes: A set of 6 circular ventilation holes with a diameter of 20 each on each side of the wooden floor, with a diameter of 20, and corresponding symmetry, so as to ensure that the air under the wooden floor is smooth and the temperature is consistent.

(7) Install 100 high wooden kicks with the same wooden floor. Arrange wooden wedges every 500 double-row plum blossoms at the root of the wall, and fix the wooden floor to the wooden wedges with wood screws.

Sound-absorbing wall and ceiling The perforated plywood is used for the wall and floor of the music classroom in this project, which has sound-absorbing function.

Glass wool blankets, glass wool roll felts, glass wool fiberboards and roll blankets are suitable for building insulation, sound absorption, ventilation studios, anechoic rooms and noise workshops, sound absorption rooms, noise rooms, and noise workshops. Vibration; computer room, cold storage insulation; and aircraft, ship, train, automobile insulation, insulation and sound insulation, is an ideal material for pipe insulation, and is widely used in air conditioning. At the same time, glass wool blanket is also an ideal thermal insulation material for metal structures. It has characteristics of light weight, compressibility, high strength and high elasticity. It is a product that provides efficient thermal insulation, anti-condensation and sound transmission control.

How much is a ton of centrifugal glass wool roll felt in recent days-price consultation
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