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2020 National Large-scale Shanghai Building Materials Exhibition

2019-12-27 11:15:00 Submitter: Shanghai Xujing Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

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From: Wang Hua (Project Supervisor) Mobile: 13524187672
Phone: 021-64930917
2020 Shanghai Building Materials Exhibition | 2020 Shanghai's Largest Building Materials Exhibition
2020 31st China (Shanghai) International Building Materials and Interior Decoration Exhibition
The 31thChina (Shanghai) International Construction Material and Indoor Decoration Exhibition
Last review:
The annual international green building exhibition-"Asia Green Building Materials Expo" has been held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. In this exhibition, Shanghai Construction Committee, Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, Japan Forest Industry Ministry, Japan Timber Center, Canadian Timber Association, Jilin Forestry Department, etc. have invited nearly 1,000 manufacturers from domestic and overseas new building decoration materials and other industries. , Agents, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center perfectly interpreted the key issues of the current industry development such as the latest technology of new building energy saving and domestic application status and development prospects. The professional exhibition area of the new interior decoration material exhibition area covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. A total of 27,883 visitors (including 1,936 overseas professional visitors) participated in the related activities of the industry feast.
Authoritative hosting Industry focus
This exhibition is jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, the Shanghai World Expo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the CCPIT Construction Industry Branch Integrated Building Committee, and the China Architectural Society's Timber Structure Professional Committee. The Forestry Department and many other authoritative organizations at home and abroad strongly support it. At the last exhibition site, the "Integrated Building-China-Australia Cooperative Development Forum" co-organized by the Integrated Building Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Victorian Architects Association was packed, and many participants said that it was a worthwhile trip to benefit shallow.
In July 2020, we will, as always, wait for your presence at Shanghai New International Expo Center!
Exhibition at a glance
Exhibition time: July 17-19, 2020
Venue: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road)
Exhibition size: 150,000 square meters
Organizer: Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association
Integrated Construction Committee of CCPIT Construction Industry Branch
Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Supporting unit: Professional Committee of Wooden Structures of China Architectural Association
Shanghai Science and Technology Promotion Center
Concurrent activities:
Low-carbon building green building materials and realtor salon
Activity content: The salon activities are rich in content and have the dual effects of professional demonstration and social publicity. The introduction will be based on the introduction of classic villas developed by the real estate agency engineering department. The participating building material manufacturers can interact with real estate developers and technical experts to discuss and exchange. . This will be a high-level comprehensive salon that discusses the coordinated development of high-end building materials and the real estate market. The purpose of this conference is to discuss in depth the current real estate market situation, future trends and market hotspots, policy opportunities, investment environment and other issues.
Participants and number of people: real estate developers, Class A design units, architectural designers, decoration companies, villa building materials manufacturing enterprises. Each exhibiting company sends 1-2 representatives, and the overall activity of the salon is about 300 people.

Display content
All kinds of building materials, green building materials, chemical building materials, construction hardware, hardware tools, etc.
Various types of architectural glass and processing technology.
All kinds of wall materials, gypsum, wallpaper, thermal insulation and insulation materials.
Various types of marble, granite, slate material, artificial stone, translucent stone, jade background wall and products.
Various ceramic products, bricks and tiles, glass mosaics, and colored tiles.
Various stairs, stair accessories and processing equipment.
All kinds of wooden and aluminum-plastic-steel composite doors and windows, automatic doors, garage doors, remote control doors, shutter doors, sliding doors, security doors, door and window accessories, door and window locks, locking systems, processing technology and testing equipment, etc.
Curtain walls, canopies, roofs, greenhouses, mobile houses, etc. of various structures.
All kinds of flooring, carpets, paving materials and original paving materials, floor heating systems, various floors, floor tools and equipment, engineering design, installation and maintenance, etc.
All kinds of architectural coatings, paints, chemical adhesives, resins, chemical waterproofing agents, coating equipment, powder spraying equipment, spraying tools, coating quality control and new testing instruments and equipment.
Various types of logs, willow, beech, teak, rosewood, oak, birch, pressed wood, cherry wood, etc.
Various types of architectural decorative plates, wires, flooring blocks, wooden floors, artificial boards, solid wood panels, wooden profiles, wall cabinets, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wood products, etc.
All kinds of forestry machinery, woodworking machinery, small multifunctional woodworking machinery, woodworking special machinery, woodworking tools, planers and planers, sanding and polishing machines, etc.
Various types of urban lighting and equipment, residential lighting, display lighting, stage lighting, intelligent lighting, safety lights, emergency lights, energy-saving lights, other special lighting, electrical control components, electric light sources, transformers, uninterruptible power systems, voltage regulators , Voltage regulator, etc.
Anti-theft alarm system, TV monitoring system, access control equipment, fire alarm system, detector / sensor technology, parking garage (yard) management system, etc.
Building automation control system, integrated wiring system, building video intercom system, building communication system, three-meter remote transmission system, etc.
Kitchen and bathroom complete sets of furniture, equipment and related accessories, faucets, sanitary ware, shower rooms, water pumps, valves, hoses, joints, accessories, tools, etc.
Indoor overall wardrobe, automatic drying rack, smart drying rack, etc.
Building HVAC, boilers, air conditioners, plumbing technology and water treatment.
Architectural design and planning, horticulture and environmental planning, interior design, software, publishing, training, consulting, construction technology, etc.

Target audience
Real estate developer, architectural / planning design institute, interior design decoration company, engineering construction unit
Commercial offices of foreign embassies in China, overseas trade organizations in China and overseas related customers
Distributors and agents in various regions; owners of planned, under construction and expansion projects, villa property management agencies, high-end villa owners, etc.

Exhibition consultation and contact information
Phone: 86-21-6493 0917
Fax: 86-21-6493 0917
E-Mail: 13524187672 @
Contact: Wang Hua (project manager)
Mobile phone: 13524187672
Q Q: 3063952503

2020 National Large-scale Shanghai Building Materials Exhibition
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