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2020-02-18 11:22
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2020-02-14 20:04
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2020-01-14 09:43
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Magnetic disk cutting
Mianyang Taimeige Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd.
Microwave devices for 5G and communications, electronic ceramic magnetic ring magnetic sheets, sets of ceramic dielectric ceramic discs, microwave device magnetic rods
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2020-01-13 11:26
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Chongqing Sinoda inverter safety information
Shenzhen Sinoda Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
Safety definition: In this manual, safety precautions are divided into the following two categories: Danger: Due to failure to operate as required
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2020-01-10 14:56
SICK WLL170-2 series fiber optic sensor
Shenzhen Totem Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Totem Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Distribution agent brands: Schneider, Omron, Mingwei switching power supply, Weilun
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2020-01-03 16:53
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2020-01-10 14:41
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2020-02-07 18:52
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Supply safety capacitor Y1-102M
Dongguan Dafu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Safety capacitor Y1-102M is suitable for noise suppression circuit of power circuit of electronic equipment.
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2020-02-18 11:29
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2019-12-31 15:00
2019-12-30 15:59
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2019-12-30 11:31
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Y50DXIII-1204TK2 connector plug socket aerospace quality excellent price
Shaanxi Jiuyuan High Voltage Capacitor Technology Co., Ltd.
It has the advantages of small size, good density, good environmental resistance, high reliability, etc., and the plugs and sockets of the same current series can be mutually
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2019-12-23 17:39
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ABB inverter
Nanjing Jinbeide Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Jinbeide Technology Development Co., Ltd. sells ABB inverters at preferential prices.
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2019-12-23 09:24
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2019-12-20 17:41
7/8 panel flange power socket
Keyingfa Advanced Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Engaged in the import and export of goods and technologies; R & D and sales of auto parts, auto supplies, auto parts; automation
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2019-12-17 16:12
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High-precision sensor SOP brand
Jiangxi Aisoupi Precision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.-Sensor
Jiangxi Aisoupi Precision Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-precision sensor SOP brands, manufacturers,
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2019-12-16 09:14
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DT-70 oil plug copper connector 70 square copper wire copper terminal copper nose
Yueqing Jinchan Electric Co., Ltd.
Welcome to Yueqing Jinchan Electric Co., Ltd., the company's main business: copper nose, wire nose, double hole wire nose, copper aluminum nose
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2020-01-02 11:24
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Zhongchuangjie Electronic Engineering Prototype smt patch proofing
Shenzhen Zhongchuangjie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Zhongchuangjie focuses on one-stop manufacturing of small and medium-sized pcb boards / smt patches!
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2020-01-10 09:43
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2.0 inch SPI serial TFT
Shenzhen Hongtai Display Technology Co., Ltd.
2.0 inch horizontal screen TFT / 320 * 240 resolution / SPI serial port / TFT-H020A1L
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2020-01-15 11:02
twenty one
2019-11-29 18:41
twenty two
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High quality 118 type wall switch
Wenzhou Mulinsen Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
Mulinsen Electric 118-type high-quality switch: 118-type switch socket is 120-type standard after entering China,
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2019-11-27 15:47
twenty three
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2019-11-25 20:01
twenty four
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Supply flat wire common mode inductor
Shenzhen Nengde Technology Co., Ltd.
Flat wire common mode inductor / flat wire common mode filter, E-shaped common mode inductor
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2020-02-21 13:28
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2019-11-20 11:39
Wear-resistant anti-collision all-metal proximity switch, metal integrated package type
Beijing Bideke Electronics Co., Ltd.
Metal induction surface type proximity switches are susceptible to corrosion and use in impact environments.
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2019-11-15 11:29
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2020-02-21 10:02
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Huawei special material BK13C0.6-32DP / 2-0.35V (865)
Shenzhen Yukai Technology Co., Ltd.
All our products have passed ROHS and halogen-free testing, and are widely used in: laptop computers, tablet computers, digital
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2020-01-08 10:48
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Folding Filter_PP Folding Filter_PES Folding Filter_PTFE Filter
Suzhou Susenyuan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.
Su Senyuan produces folding filter_PP folding filter_PES folding filter_PTFE filter, welcome to inquire
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2019-11-07 09:08
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240-30kg load cell
Guangzhou Lanser Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
Whether you are an end customer or a distributor, Guangzhou Lanser will be your rational partner, 240-30kg
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2019-11-06 15:43
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