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Patent number: 200810069887
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Fusion gene and vaccine prepared by same

Fusion gene and vaccine prepared by same

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Patent No: 200810069887
Application date: June 25, 2008
Open / Announcement Date: December 3, 2008
Authorization announcement date:
Applicant / Patentee: The Third Military Medical University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army
Country / Province: Chongqing (85)
Postcode: 400038
Inventor / Designer: Xu Guilian, Guo Bo, Wu Yuzhang
agent: Hu Ronghuan
Patent Agency: (50210)
Patent Agency Address: ()
Patent Type: invention
public account: 101314777
Announcement date:
Authorization date:
Bulletin number: 000000000
Approval history:
Number of figures: 5
Pages: 17
Number of claims: 2
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