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Patent number: 200810054999
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Anthracite carbon casting coke

An anthracite carbon cast coke, which solves the problems of uneven coke particle size, insufficient oxygenation, high crushing rate, and environmental pollution. It is characterized by the use of anthracite or non-coking coal to produce anthracite carbon coke. After entering the factory, after crushing, grinding, adding binder, cold stirring, heating and stirring uniformly, it is sent to the press for extrusion molding. After molding, it is sent to the carbonization chamber to isolate the carbonization and carbonization of the air at a high temperature of 950 ° C to 1050 ° C, and finally cool. Cooling down, output of finished products, storage for sale, coke oven gas generated by the carbonization chamber for comprehensive utilization and lime production, and dust and desulfurization processes for soot and SO ↓ [2] in the exhaust gas, plus dedicated Compared with the traditional coking method, the adhesive formulation and the special product structure of the present invention have high carbon content, large calorific value, low ash and sulfur content, good crush resistance, wear resistance, and reactivity in use. Moderate, high strength after reaction, good cold and heat strength, reasonable and simple structure, low investment, low cost, especially suitable for coking and mechanical casting industry applications.

Anthracite carbon casting coke

Anthracite carbon cast coke, which is characterized in that anthracite carbon coke is produced using anthracite or non-coking coal. The production process sequence is as follows: starting from raw coal entering the plant, crushing, grinding, adding a binder, and cold stirring 2. Heat and stir uniformly, send it to the press for extrusion molding. After molding, send it to the carbonization chamber to isolate the carbonized carbonization at an air temperature of 950 ° C to 1050 ° C. Finally, cool down, cool down the finished product, and put it into the warehouse for sale. For the comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas, the co-production process with lime is adopted. Dust and SO2 are provided in the flue gas for dust and SO ↓ [2].

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Patent No: 200810054999
Application date: May 19, 2008
Open / Announcement Date: October 8, 2008
Authorization announcement date:
Applicant / Patentee: Yangquan Yangmei Type Coke Technology Development Center
Country / Province: Shanxi (14)
Postcode: 045000
Inventor / Designer: Cui Zhiming
Patent Agency: ()
Patent Agency Address: ()
Patent Type: invention
public account: 101280203
Announcement date:
Authorization date:
Bulletin number: 000000000
Approval history:
Number of figures: 2
Pages: 6
Number of claims: 1
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